As a competitive bid-winner, Innovative Supply Group is able to service facilities throughout the nation. ISG is one of the largest Medicare-approved tube feeding providers in the nation.


Welcome to Innovative Supply Group!

At Innovative Supply Group (ISG) we are committed to providing you with a simple and hassle-free experience. Our knowledgeable team will ensure that all of your needs are addressed promptly and efficiently. Our familiarity with your operation and staff enables us to aid you in identifying any needs for training with the products that we provide.


Medicare Billing Specialist

How does Innovative Supply Group make sure that ALL of your Part B eligible residents get covered?

We’re proud to have knowledgable customer service representatives in all aspects of Medicare Part B billing guidelines. Our expert billers and clinicians build high level working relationships with the appropriate staff in the nursing facility that allows us to communicate and educate at an extremely high level, which in turn helps us get the information and documentation we need to bill Medicare. Our team will ensure you cover the maximum amount of residents in your facility!

When it comes to reimbursement, communication and efficiency are key. We work hard to guarantee a seamless process for all our clients. A common misconception is that medical billing has to be complicated in order to be done correctly – but that doesn’t have to be the case!
We’re here to prove this wrong by providing a service so exceptional, you’ll wonder how you managed before ISG saved the day.

Cost Savings Benefits

The main savings for our customers is through ISG billing Medicare on the customers’ behalf – thereby costing zero out-of-pocket. ISG is proud to be one of the only Part B suppliers who offer to supply for non-covered patients as well as covered. The advantage of having one vendor taking care of your facility’s entire Enteral, Ostomy, Urological, Tracheostomy and Wound Care program will save your facility significant amounts of money every month. ISG works with your facility to manage your costs.

How do we achieve our goal of saving you more than you ever thought possible?

By partnering with ISG, you gain access to the best pricing available at any given time. ISG will work with you to help manage your inventory to ensure no oversupply – a sneaky hidden cost that often takes you over-budget. Put our industry expertise and dedication to detail to work on your behalf.

Impeccable Customer Service

Innovative Supply Group (ISG) is committed to ensuring the smoothest logistics and most dependable service, personally suited to the needs of your facility.

Our Dietitians and Speech Therapist will work closely with your Clinicians to assure the highest level of satisfaction as well as thorough education of the proper Medicare guidelines.

We understand how hard it is to find an organization that genuinely cares about your success, but that’s who we are! We work hard to ensure that every facility that places their trust in us is 100% satisfied with the service they receive.

Innovative Advantage

We provide a full line of tube feeding products, pumps, IV poles, spike sets, formulas, G-tubes, colostomy bags, wafers, trach tubes, inner cannulas, foley catheters, and other assorted wound care products.

Innovative Supply Group (ISG) works diligently to assist you with locating hard to find supplies, and will accommodate emergency requests, providing next day delivery, ensuring an overall satisfactory experience.


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